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Can CPR save life? | Why do you need CPR training in 2019?

Why is CPR Training Important?

Life is not only about independent living in society. It is much more than that and it is upon the individual souls to determine the importance of human life on saving one another in the event of an emergency. More often it has been seen that most people often disregard their existence to help one another and forget about the value of their life given by God. But it must be said that life is equally important to all irrespective of their social standing and bonds, culture, economic background in Malaysia and overall outlook towards life itself.

Loss of Life in an accident can be minimized if the correct method of CPR is administered. Providing proper first aid & CPR at the exact timing will save any critical issues and convert the situation from death to life. All most all are quite aware of first aid but learning some techniques are important. Probably, there will be question strike to everyone’s mind that, why CPR  training is important?

Can CPR save a life?

CPR is a method designed to extent clinical death time to brain death by applying chest compression and rescue breathing for heart attack or cardiac arrest victim. Modern CPR technique had been used since the mid of 20th century worldwide and it has been proven to increased the survival rate. Ever since CPR course been introduced, experts had been run a research and investigation to improve the quality of CPR from time to time came out with the guidelines how to perform CPR effectively and also efficiently.

CPR course with its mechanism that have been widely used is Chest Compression and Mouth to Mouth ventilation. When someone got cardiac arrest, their heart will stop pumping which indicates blood circulation ceased to run naturally in the entire body. When a rescuer perform CPR, they actually help the victim to pump the heart manually by doing Chest Compression and give oxygen by Mouth to Mouth ventilation manually so that the heart will pump the oxygenated blood to the brain and this will help the brain to send signal to the rest of the organs to regenerate its function back to normal or at least to buys time by extending the life-span of the brain.  Clinical death normally will last only 4-10 minutes before reach to brain death if there is no CPR or help provided. That is why, in the event of out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest, CPR can be a huge help to improved the survival rate among the victim.


Participants Mastering the Real Scenario

Realistic Mock Drill Sessions


Why do you need CPR training?

CPR is a technique that has its own guidelines or standards that in behind providing its own rationale. CPR Training Malaysia had been following closely with the guideline from the American Heart Association (AHA), this guideline from AHA will be updated every 5 years in order to improve its effectiveness and quality.

Attending a CPR course is very important especially in this digital area where people can be easily misguided by the circulated risky non-proven method to save human life. CPR training in Malaysia is not only about learning the method, but it is also to instill awareness about the importance of CPR in our society regardless of age and profession. Layperson needs to aware that saving a life is the responsibility of all people not only for those with medical profession background, but that is also why, a lot of organization in Malaysia initiating the move to establish CPR training center such as CERT Academy to provide CPR course for all people.

CPR training Malaysia that had been conducted could be varied depending on certain people expectation, it could be focusing in the In-Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest, or Out-Hospital-Cardiac-Arrest, Adults, Pediatrics, Essentials, Advanced, etc. The Government of Malaysia enforcing this regulation to all corporate company to have its own first aider for every 30 number of employees, this is to make sure that there are enough trained people in the workplace to respond to emergency call, and of course this move also to inspired and encouraged each household must have at least 1 person a competent CPR provider in the event of emergency situation.


Participants mastering CPR Skills

Participants mastering CPR Skills


Certain countries such as the UK had recently made it compulsory for the schoolchildren to teach and exposed to CPR learning. Typical indifferent society often reacts to the subject as mundane or less important and that explained why people around the world still find this move quite unprecedented including Malaysia.

Upon taking the step into CPR class or CPR training, it also opens the chance to bridge the gap between the ignorance to the knowledgeable by gradually inspiring and spreading the knowledge into the culture and society in Malaysia.

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