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First Aid Trainer Certification Program

Duration: 5 Days (9.00 am – 5.00 pm)
Venue   : CERT Academy Training Centre, Puchong
Date      : Please contact us for training date
Price     : RM 6500 per pax Contact us for promotional price

Course introduction

The First Aid and CPR training is currently on high demands in the country, mainly to meet the needs of the organizations and the general community. It is regardless to your current level of expertise and it doesn’t matter whether you have had formal medical training or teaching experience.

The main aim of this First Aid Trainer Certification Program (TCP) is to train participants to become a certified Occupational First Aid (OFA) trainer who is excellent in speaking and training. For corporate companies, it will also improve cost effectiveness by training internal staffs to become qualified trainer in conducting their very own in-house trainings instead of sending their staff for outsource trainings.

We are proud to be able to produce “top notch” Trainers in this field of expertise. All of the new Trainers produced will be well versed in instructional techniques after completing and passing the Trainer Certification Program. It provides them the resources they need and help make them become more knowledgeable and competent.

This program is divided into 2 main parts:
Part 1: Advanced First Aid, CPR & AED Training (2 days)
Part 2: Train The Trainer - TTT (3 days)


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform as a competent team leader in providing advanced first aid treatments to the ill and
  • injured in an emergency
  • Discuss why introductions are important in any training program
  • List the characteristics of effective trainers
  • Perform a customer-needs analysis to determine any additional needs that would be added
  • to the course (customization)
  • List the steps in planning a course
  • Understand how to conduct an effective 2 full days Occupational First Aid and CPR
  • Program to the corporate which comply to DOSH requirement
  • Demonstrate how to engage participants in the program
  • Demonstrate various teaching methods used in conducting courses
  • Demonstrate effective presentation techniques
  • Demonstrate how to organize mock-drills


  • OSH Practitioners: SHO, OHD, OHN, IHT, CHRA
  • HealthCare Providers: Dr, SRN, MA, etc
  • Basic First Aiders • Emergency Response Team Members
  • and Leaders
  • First Aid Team Leaders
  • Corporate and Institutional Trainer
  • Outdoor Instructor • Law Enforcers and EMS Personnel
  • Fire Fighters
  • Lifeguards
  • Flight Attendants
  • Anyone who’s desires to be a certified First Aid Trainer


Theory Session

  • Dynamic & highly engaging presentation
  • Interactive and fun
  • Attention-grabbing audio-visual aids, real scene photographs, video clips, multimedia presentation

Practical session

  • Hands-on experience
  • Participant centered

Mock-drill session

  • Experiential Learning
  • Scenario based Learning


For part 1, participants are required to sit for theory and practical assessment, which includes multiple-choice questions, skill demonstrations, verbal test and mock-drill (scenario based), 80{cddf39e2dea7e844a78cf9d4d413e1d77cddca55741adc9083cb9a04f1ddb920} of attendance is the prerequisite for the said assessment.

For part 2, participants are required to sit for the presentation assessment & reviewed by Master Trainer & Panel Assessor. Participants are also required to conduct at least three (3) First Aid and CPR course while being monitored by a Lead Trainer or Master Trainer or provide the recorded video of their actual training for the Master Trainer to review .


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Proficiency for Occupational First Aid Trainer.

Certificate will be delivered to the client’s correspondence address within 21 working days after completion of the course. Special arrangement for fast delivery can be made upon request.


During the program, each trainer candidate will be assigned with 3 topics – Basic Life Support, First Aid Theory, and First Aid Practical. The trainer candidate will instruct / teach the other trainer candidates as participants on each assigned topic.

These topics are to be presented by the trainer candidate using the same instructional materials, visual aids and handouts that he / she will ultimately use for his / her own classes.

After teaching their assigned topics, their participants will review and comment / critique. This allows each participant to see the positive aspects of teaching and to learn teaching techniques from others.  This highly interactive trainer program will make ANYONE Stand, Speak and Deliver in 5 days!

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