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Occupational Safety & Health Division

Safety Day

1 Day Event

( 9.00am - 5.00pm )

Course introduction

A day for Safety is designed for the workers that are exposed to the daily hazard directly. The main focus is to create awareness between the workers. This program will highlight on first aid measures during an emergency situations. The participants will be taught with CPR, choking, bleedings and wounds and other injuries related to the construction site. Besides first aid skills, this program also will enhance their soft skills like time management, teamwork, leadership and more. This program will be presented in a fun and exciting way rather than classroom teaching.


  • To promote awareness of safety for all level of workers in the workplace.
  • To enhance the participants understanding on Basic First Aid skills such as CPR, choking, trauma management and working at height for all level of workers.
  • To promote good teamwork in reducing workplace accident and to educate the participants that ‘Safety is everybody’s responsibility’.

    • Workplace First Aider
    • Emergency Response Team (ERT)
    • Safety Managers and Personnel
    • Security Managers and Personnel
    • Safety and Health Committee Members
    • Production / Line Managers
    • Engineers / Executive
    • All levels of workers and interested individuals

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