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Forklift Safety Division

Scissor Lift Safety Training

1 Day Course

( 9.00am - 5.00pm )

Course introduction

This Scissor Lifts Safety Course is designed for drivers, workers, and supervisors, emphasizing hazard identification and safe work practices that apply to all scissor lift operators.

Reckless operation and poor handling procedures due to lack of know-hows in the operation, bad habits and indifferent attitudes have caused and can cause loss of lives, permanent injury and extensive damage to properties that could even shut down operations and put fellow employees out of job. This course will help reduce the tragedy and personal suffering from accidents, lower the costly damages and improve the overall efficiency and productivity.

The good record and skill of a trained Scissor Lift operator will be most valuable to the company and his future.

A Scissor Lift is an expensive and a vital piece of equipment that, if not properly used and maintained, can cause serious injury or fatality, damage to products and facilities, and high maintenance and operating costs.


The objective of this 1-day course is to prevent injury and minimise property damage through accidents involving the operation, handling and maintenance of the Scissor Lift be it Hand Controlled.


  • All forklift operators in workplace


Theory Session

  • Dynamic & highly engaging presentation
  • Interactive and fun
  • Attention-grabbing audio-visual aids, real scene photographs, video clips, multimedia presentation

Practical session

  • Hands-on experience
  • Participant centered


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Training.Without retraining, knowledge might be forgotten while skills may deteriorate rapidly when not being used / practiced. Therefore, yearly retraining is very much recommended.

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