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Emergency Response Division

Chemical Management, Spill Drill and Clean Up Training

2 Days Course

( 9.00am - 5.00pm )

Course introduction

This is a 2-day programme specially designed for participants who handle chemicals or oil and responsible for chemical management at the workplace. The programme is aimed at helping participants understand the chemical spillage emergency situation at the workplace, identify chemical hazards, handle chemicals appropriately and manage the chemical workplace safely. In addition, participants will learn about chemical waste disposal, principles of emergency response and basic first aid during chemical spillage incidents.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify chemical hazards and handle chemicals safely during emergency spillage.
  • Manage and reduce chemical risks at the workplace during spillage
  • Understand the chemical safety datasheet and chemical labels during emergency spillage.
  • Identify appropriate personal protective equipment during emergency situation.
  • Estimating where the spill will travel and how quickly that will happen;
  • Analyzing biological and human-use resources that may be impacted;
  • Considering tradeoffs of spill response techniques.
  • Assisting with the response, cleanup, sampling, and post-spill damage assessment and restoration.


  • Emergency Response Team members
  • Employees who handle & exposed to chemicals,
  • Managers/ Executives, Safety and Health Officers
  • OSH Practitioners, Safety and Health Committee Members
  • Supervisors and all levels of workers


  • The emphasis throughout is on detailed presentations, video show followed by individual
  • exercises, group work and interactive discussions.
  • Simulation on chemical spillage on site.
  • Activation of emergency response team as per procedure.
  • Spill clean up activities by emergency response team.
  • Evaluation of simulation activities by observer (trainer)
  • Pre test to participant
  • Post test to participant


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Training. Without retraining, knowledge might be forgotten while skills may deteriorate rapidly when not being used / practiced. Therefore, yearly retraining is very much recommended.

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