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Zoll AED Plus


The Zoll AED Plus was designed in vivid green outer casing, making it so eye-catching that potential rescuers are easily cued to its location. This unit is handy, compact, and easy to operate;even for untrained responders. It provides visual and audio prompt to guide the rescuer step-by-step.

The Zoll AED Plus also provides a metronome that uses real-time compression data and CPR Feedback prompted “Good Compression” “Push Harder” for an effective CPR. The lid can be propped under the victim’s head to open the airway while emergency procedures are underway.

The Zoll AED Plus weighs 3.1kg and has high industry’s IP ratings (IP55) against dust and moisture. This AED maintenance is made even easier and confusion free as it has 5-year shelf life for both battery and pads.

How It Works: The Zoll AED Plus is a straight forward, simple defibrillator with clear, step by step instructions designed to analyse heart rhythm and deliver electrical shock to the heart (if needed). This user-friendly AED provides easy visual and audio prompts along with CPR Feedbackto guide the rescuer from pad application to shock delivery, if required.


  • CPR Support: Real-Time CPR Feedback
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years
  • IP Rating: IP55
  • Electrode / Pads Life: 5 Years
  • Battery Life: 5 Years
  • Energy Protocol (J): Adult: 120J, 150J, 200J
  • Paediatric Technology: Requires Paediatric Pads
  • Battery Type: 10 types Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries
  • Weight of unit (kg): 3.1kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 13.3 x 24.1 x 29.2


  • 7 year warranty
  • IP55 Dust and Moisture ingress protection
  • Metronome for correct speed CPR
  • CPR Feedback
  • Semi-Automatic Mode Operation
  • Durable and Compact
  • 5 Year CPR D-padz Shelf Life
  • 5 Year Battery Shelf Life
  • Infant/Child pad available

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