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XFT 120C+ AED Trainer


Our new AED trainer has all the functions needed to teach your students about AED operation – without breaking your equipment budget. This lightweight, well priced trainer, offers bilingual scenarios (English and Bahasa Melayu), a fully functional remote control, both adult and child connectors and pads and comes in a nylon carrying case. It runs on AA batteries or the AC adapter and has an audio port for connecting speakers.


  • Size : 19 cm x 15 cm x 4.6cm
  • Battery : DC 4.5V/3 x AA battery
  • Remote Control
  • Five pair of pads


  • Bilingual scenarios (English and Bahasa Melayu)
  • It is completely compliant with the latest AHA guidelines, and pre-configured with 10 training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes.
  • It is designed with a replaceable plug-in card which has been uploaded the languages and scenarios. To insert the card, the selected language and scenarios are installed. Once the Guidelines are changed, customers only need a new plug-in card to update the scenarios.
  • A metronome is added to the flashing lights when the unit is counting out the 2 minutes for CPR. The sound that prompts 100 comprehensions per minute helps trainers to properly perform CPR.

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