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Schiller FRED Easy AED


The Schiller FRED Easy AED is a semi-automatic defibrillator that uses a unique biphasic MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE technology. This successful defibrillation only requires about 1/3 of the energy which would be needed using monophasic pulse. The life-saving device is portable, lightweight, and easy to operate from healthcare professionals to untrained rescuers.

The FRED Easy Defibrillator is equipped with clear audio and text prompts to guide the rescuer throughout the process. Weighing in at only 1.5kg, The FRED Easy Defibrillator is one of the lightest AEDs in the market.

How It Works: The FRED Easy Defibrillator is designed to analyse heart rhythm and will determine when a defibrillation shock is necessary within seconds. Once the chest pads are in place, the FRED Easy Defibrillator will also show the ECG reading on screen. The rescuers will be guided with clear audio and text prompts with only three simple steps:

• Switch the unit on
• Place the electrodes on the patient‘s chest as indicated on the pouch
• Follow the device‘s voice and displayed instructions


  • CPR Support: Audio (standard), Metronome, Text on a display
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years
  • IP Rating: IPX4
  • Electrode / Pads Life: 2 years
  • Battery Life: 4 years
  • Energy Protocol (J): Adult: 1J – 150J
  • Paediatric Technology: Requires paediatric pads
  • Battery Type: Disposable LiMnO2
  • Weight of unit (kg): 1.5
  • Dimensions (cm): 23 x 22 x 70


• Multipulse Biowave Technology
• 3 year warranty
• Semi-Automatic Mode Operation
• User Friendly LCD Display
• Lightweight and Portable
• 4 Year Battery Shelf Life
• 2 year electrode pad life

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