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Why First Aid Training & CPR Training in workplace?

Why First Aid Training & CPR Training in workplace?

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere & to anyone!

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere & to anyone – at home, on the road, at a public place like the mall or a park, and also the workplace.

Just like the Malay proverb said:Malang tidak berbau!”

Even with the certain safety measures implemented to prevent accidents, there is still a possibility that accident might occur.

Despite local regulation & guideline that require employer to organize First Aid & CPR Training in the workplace, there are still few important reason & benefits of having employee to attend this course.

Benefits of having First Aid Training at the workplace

1. Save Life during emergency

In the event of an emergency, a fast first aider response can save lives & prevent injury become worst. Nowadays, Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone regardless of age limit. If a person collapse & stop breathing, the golden period to rescue the victims is only 4-10 minutes as brain cell will die off after this period. Hence, workplace first aider who can perform CPR & use an AED to “Shock” the victim within first few minutes would increase the survival rate up to 75%.

Employees trained in first aid will understand the steps to take during an emergency and this increased their confidence in performing CPR. A life-like mock drill which incorporate casualty make-up can be included in the first aid training as this will prepare them to visualize what is bleeding profusely, open fracture, burn & etc.

First aid & CPR saves lives, particularly where there are grave injuries and it is critical that immediate action is taken. Training gives critical knowledge and confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear or confusion.


2. Reduce workplace accidents by knowing Basic First Aid

First aid training helps employees learn to be more conscious of safety in the workplace, leading to a reduced number of accidents and injuries. They will be aware of the hazard & risk that might cause accident & able to take precaution measure in their work station. The first aid knowledge also help them to maintain the first aid facilities, first aid room, first aid kit in their workplace. So that the first aid items are always be prepared for any emergency.

“Sharing is Caring”

First aider who attended first aid training might share their first aid knowledge with co-worker & they might teach others worker on simple step to perform CPR or Choking whenever they meet with this situation.

Minimizing risk to workers and decreasing workplace incidents is a benefit to employee & employers.



First Aid Training

Basic First Aid in Workplace


3. Learning First Aid is also for your loved one

Training in first aid is just as useful outside of the workplace. Knowing first aid could someday help to save the life of a friend or family member. First aid training is especially important for anyone living with someone at risk of cardiac arrest. If the workers’ family members having heart attack, or their child getting choked, they can apply CPR & Heimlich Maneuver to rescue their loved one. This knowledge is precious as we don’t have second chance for the life of our loved one during life threatening condition.


4. By Knowing Basic First Aid, Employees are happier and more confident

The attitude of employees determines the success of the business. If the employees can perform their duties with high proficiency, the business will grow.

Employee morale is an integral part of any company. High morale leads to positive attitudes and positive attitudes leads to positive results. The happiness and well-being of the employees will help organization build a strong relationship, ultimately resulting in a better working environment. First aid and CPR training will help ensure employee health and safety in addition to enhanced well-being and morale.

Every employee that receives standard first aid education will be happy to gain new knowledge. They will also appreciate the efforts of the employers to protect them from dangers while they work.

After going through the first aid training, employees will be more confident to react in a timely and efficient manner if an accident occurs. That makes all the difference, as every second counts.


5. Compliance to OSHA 1994 Malaysia

Section 15(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514) provides that every employer and the self-employed person must ensure, so far as is practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of all his employees. The provision of first-aid facilities and first-aiders is in compliance with the welfare component of this general duty of employers and self-employed persons.


For a business owner, profit & loss will indefinitely be the major concern for them. Some may feel that the costs of enrolling employees in First Aid Training  can be quite discouraging. Many organisations try to cut costs by training only few members of their employees.

However, the amount saved in this way is nothing compared to the costs if an accident happens and an employee ends up hurt. There are many legal issues concerning the first aid in the workplace and they need to be addressed. Not having a person who is trained to help those in danger can be very expensive if something happens.


Importance of equipping employees with first aid knowledge

Many company often overlook on the good health of their employees, hence resulting overlook of employee’s productivity as mean increasing the organization profitability. Based on National Safety Council report in 1997, as estimated lost of 80 million workdays lost was caused by unintentional injuries. Being in either a low-hazard or high-hazard working environment, employees face various risk. Risk such as bleeding, burns, shock, spinal injuries , bone muscle & extremity injuries, soft tissues injuries – these are the few examples that might happen in the organization. Incidents like these not only damage the productivity of the company, but also losses to the company in terms of compensation, and on top of that, possibilities of getting fine by higher authorities.

Therefore, in terms business, it is worth to “invest” first aid training for employees and basic first aid equipment. With a minimal investment to ensure your employees are safe and being trained, the organization benefits not only from reduction of casualties, but also increase of productivity.


In a nutshell, you had understand the benefits of having first aid training, why are you waiting?

Do you need to wait until something happen to your co-worker or your loved one?

Call us today and let us help you build a team that can save lives!




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